The Delta Story

Who We Are

We believe that change is an essential part of growth and success. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of the challenges that organizations face during periods of change, and we have developed proven strategies that ensure successful outcomes. With our expertise and client-centered approach, our team has a wealth of experience helping organizations achieve their desired change objectives.

Our Story

Our founder, Carrie, established Day & Associates in 2003, later known as Delta Consulting, LLC. We are highly trusted by our clients and over the years have seen our business grow by returning client referrals who saw our value delivered first-hand.

Our Team

Carrie Day

Over the past 25 years, Carrie has partnered with clients across industries to serve as a trusted advisor on global transformations fueled by changes in strategy, process, technology, organizational structure and culture. She works with leaders to develop flexible and tailored solutions to address their most complex business challenges.

Megan Meyer

Megan brings thought leadership and consulting expertise to complex transformations that require a deep understanding of the end user experience. She has created successful change programs for top-tier clients and leveraged her project management background to improve project quality.

Alex Perry

Alex is a delivery focused and tech-savvy change lead with a deep understanding of change methodologies and the experience to navigate complex programmes and initiatives with ease. She immerses herself into the details of project execution, bringing thoughtful consideration and insights, always pushing to drive better outcomes for our clients.

Esther Smith

Esther’s varied cross-sector experience has seen her hone an expertise in shaping strategies for successful change adoption. With a knack for telling simple and compelling stories, Esther works alongside senior leaders to make their messages land, and bring their people along on their transformation journeys.

CJ Campos

Experienced Change Manager with a demonstrated history of success in implementing and managing organizational change initiatives. Skilled in project management, stakeholder engagement, and communication. Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams through complex change projects, driving adoption and achieving results.

Taylor O'Donnell

Taylor is a skilled professional in technical writing, copywriting, and editing. With a focus on clarity and impact, Taylor enhances our change management team's messaging with precision and creativity. Her expertise ensures that our communications resonate effectively, driving meaningful engagement and alignment.

Laura Sainz

Laura is an experienced data expert with extensive experience in the banking sector. Having led data teams in top-tier banks and big multinationals across different countries, she specializes in data strategy, management, and governance. Laura's collaborative efforts have driven impactful data initiatives globally, making her a valuable asset in driving innovation and achieving success in diverse environments.

We have the ability to adjust to your project needs whether it’s Agile or the more traditional waterfall approach.

our approach

The Delta Difference

Client-Centric Approach: Putting the needs and goals of clients first and working towards their success.

Results-Oriented: Focusing on delivering tangible and measurable results for clients, and continuously striving for excellence.

Long-Term Relationships: Building strong and lasting relationships with clients based on trust, mutual respect, and delivering value over time.

Our vision

Our team is highly skilled in assessing the needs of our clients and developing tailored strategies to facilitate successful change implementation. We believe in fostering open communication, building trust, and collaborating closely with our clients to ensure their goals are met throughout the change process. With our guidance, clients can feel confident in their ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.